Singapore scores at MIPTV

Territory more than doubles '06 figs

Singapore's Media Development Authority said Monday that Singapore companies inked $128 million worth of co-production and distribution deals at MIPTV this year.

That figure is more than double the $54 million clinched by Singapore companies in 2006, an MDA release said.

The agreements include the $100 million, four-year collaboration between Singapore Technologies Electronics and Canada's Nelvana Studios to co-produce three animated TV series and 10 DVD movies, including "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Franklin the Turtle." Both will cost $5 million-$10 million each.

In a second animation deal, Singapore production house BIG Communications signed a $6.5 million collaboration with Australia's Flying Bark Prods. and Canada's Thunderbird Films for 3-D animated series "Zigby."

A $5 million adventure drama series between Singapore, Korea and India also contributed to Singapore's record performance this year. "Asian Crisis Centre" is being produced by Upside Down Entertainment (Singapore), Korea's Dreamville Entertainment and India's Clapstem Prods.