Singapore: Southeast Asian Film Industry Associations Consolidate

Singapore MBS H 2014
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The Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association also announced a deal with Australian crowd-funding service Pozible

The Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA), launched at Screen Singapore in 2013, has signed a series of partnership agreements with film bodies throughout the region.

On Thursday at the Singapore Media Festival, SAAVA announced a partnership with Global Creative and Media Agency (GCMA) to help media companies from around Southeast Asia explore new growth opportunities.

SAAVA is a non-profit organization for regional content producers. It was launched with a mission to advance creative development, promote co-productions, nurture talents and stimulate business collaborations between its multi-national members. GCMA is a leading regional public relations and marketing agency for the media and entertainment industry.

Under the deal, GCMA will be provide its expertise to all SAAVA member media companies and professionals "to promote the co-creation of intellectual properties, attract investment, facilitate exchange of skills and best practices, and enable better distribution of regionally produced content within Southeast Asia and outside of the region," the groups said.

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Adam Ham, executive director of GCMA, said the deal "is very timely for the industry, as the West is now aggressively looking towards Southeast Asia as an attractive production hub."

Earlier at the Singapore Media Festival the SAAVA signed a deal with Australian crowd-funding portal Pozible, which will provide SAAVA members with access to its services and additional privileges, such as lower fees and special marketing efforts. The product is roughly akin to Kickstarter. 

“Finding the money to make a film is one of the hardest things for a producer. But production costs are quite low in our region, and the amounts that can be raised from crowd funding can become quite significant in comparison to the budget," said Singapore based producer and co-founder of SAAVA, Justin Deimen. "This partnership with Pozible opens up a new option for our members to access funding."

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SAAVA also announced an alliance with the Motion Picture Association of Cambodia (MPAC), a body that represents producers, directors, talents, distributors and exhibitors in the country. The relationship will allow all MPAC members to become SAAVA members. The two associations have revealed additional plans to create joint workshops, foster more co-productions between the countries, and for SAAVA to assist in the setting up of a film institute in Phnom Penh.

"It will spur the growth of the Cambodian media industry and also enable us to contribute our part to the growth of the region,” said leading Cambodia director Chhay Bora (Lost Loves, 2010)