Singaporean Film Company to Sell Luxury Residences Inside Studio Backlot

Infinite Studios
Infinite Studios in Singapore

Infinite Studios is calling the development "Asia's first livable and filmable movie town"

While Los Angeles residents are known to be weary of the distractions and road closures caused by movie shoots, a new luxury residential development in Indonesia is betting that the region's elite will want to live directly inside a film set.

Singapore's Infinite Studios — where Equals, starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult recently finished shooting — has partnered with Indonesian property company Landstar Development to create "The Scene," a luxury estate and holiday resort the two partners are calling "Asia's first livable and filmable movie town."

Located near the coast of Indonesia's island municipality of Batam, The Scene is a half-hour ferry ride from Singapore. The two companies recruited veteran Hollywood scene artist Peter Collias (The Bourne Legacy, Moulin Rouge) to help design the development. Spanning 340,000 square feet, with 295 low-rise condo and hotel units and 50 retail spaces, The Scene includes various themed micro-neighborhoods that will function both as lively communities and working studio backlots. There is a "French quarter," "Moroccan alley," "Italian piazza," and a "Piccadilly Circus." 

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Mike Wiluan, CEO of Infinite Studios, said the concept for the development emerged from the studio's growing need for high-end hospitality infrastructure to house visiting film crews and talent, along with the studio's interest in building out additional backlot facilities.

"The idea of bringing the two together, in a one unique destination, sort of evolved from there," Wiluan said. "We wanted to be certain that it feels natural and not like an amusement park. As a movie studio, creating illusions is our business." 

Designers paid close attention to making The Scene accommodating to film and TV productions — with electrical infrastructure and various support systems installed throughout. 

"We'll definitely do some shooting there," Wiluan said. "Maybe as you're having your morning coffee out on the terrace at the cafe, there's a commercial shoot happening down the road — that offers something different and exciting."  

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Infinite Studios has enjoyed brisk business since opening its doors in January of this year. The studio runs Singapore's two largest soundstages — measuring 10,000 square feet and 18,000 square feet — which are backed by 15,000 square feet of supporting production offices.

In addition to Equals and several regional productions, 20th Century Fox's Hitman: Agent 47 shot there this year. The company also operates two large soundstages and a hectare of backlot on Batam, adjacent to the future site of The Scene. The company broke ground on the development at the start of November. The project will open in phases and be completed by December 2018.