Singing Sorceress Takes to the Stage in J.K. Rowling's New Pottermore Post

The author's latest update to her online Harry Potter world delves into the life of "wizarding singing sensation" Celestina

J.K. Rowling has added another story to her growing website, this time focusing on "singing sorceress" Celestina, who is mentioned several times throughout the Harry Potter books but never appears.

The 500-word entry provides new facts about this obscure character, an "international wizarding singing sensation," elaborating on her early years, career highlights and tumultuous personal life. Along with the story, an audio track is included, the first song ever posted on the website. "You Stole My Cauldron but You Can't Have My Heart" was recorded by Universal Orlando Resort and features Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees, who perform live every day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley attraction. The writing and music was uploaded today, Aug. 18, Celestina's birthday.

Rowling has described Celestina as "one of my favorite 'off-stage' characters in the whole series," and has also revealed that she stole the name from a colleague at Amnesty International's headquarters in London, where she once worked.

The new writing follows a 1,500 word story that was posted to last month that reunited the Harry Potter books' main characters, now in their 30s. So popular was the update that it briefly crashed the website.