Red Carpet Rescue: SiO, the Decollete-Smoothing Wonder Worker

Jennifer Aniston - Kim Kardashian -Kate Hudson -Split- Getty - H 2016
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; Michael Stewart/WireImage; C Flanigan/FilmMagic

A new topical three-step skincare system treats that delicate area that's ever so present in an evening gown.

The Emmys and film festivals are the entry point to a season full of revealing gowns and impossible beauty standards. But these days there’s a laser, cream or injection for virtually every complaint possible on the face, making it easier than ever — with the help of makeup — to look younger and younger with each red-carpet appearance. But one area of the body is more stubborn when it comes to turning back the clock — and more revealing than any of true age: the decollete.

"Women are becoming increasingly aware of looking younger everywhere, not just their face," says Manhattan cosmetic dermatologic surgeon Dr. Dendy Engelman. "Often there is a huge disconnect between the appearance of their facial skin and that of the decollete. Many women come in seeking counsel on treatment options for this area specifically." Awards season is a critical time for actresses, who are put under the microscope for not just their wardrobe choices but their visage.

Those who have successfully kept their decollete looking young include, says Engelman, "all of the ones who show it off — Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson."

But not everyone gets it right, making the release of a new three-step topical system called SiO quite timely. Since the skin there is so delicate, thin and generally more sun-damaged than other areas, the derm says treatment is difficult. Because the decollete is more prone to scarring, lasers and injection are considered high-risk.

The newest alternative, to treat the wrinkles, fine lines, folds and crepey texture, consists of a nighttime regimen that begins with Decollete Cleansing Discs, used to prep the skin. Overnight, SiO users wear the medical-grade silicone SkinPad (patent-pending), which "plumps the skin of the decollete allowing for a smoother appearance and texture," Engelman says. It does so, she adds, by "creating an optimal microclimate environment that allows the skin on the decollete to properly plump and hydrate, which smoothes down wrinkles … for almost immediate results." Along with the third step, a proprietary day serum, it works to hydrate, brighten, even and visibly erase wrinkles. The formula features an ingredient that lessens the movement of muscle contractions across the area it’s used on, which also diminishes the tendency to crease.

The overnight results are quite stunning, and those stars who are worried about their breast-baring gowns would do well to use the system leading up to their carpet appearance as well as during the glam prep that day for further plumping.

It turns out no one is totally immune to this concern: "Typically fine lines and wrinkles will start in mid to late 20s," Engelman says. "The youngest patient I’ve had to date who came in to discuss her decollete wrinkles was 22." And, "Contrary to popular belief, weight and breast size don’t matter. Some of my thinnest patients (who have small busts) have the most wrinkled chests. Contributing factors are genetics, thin skin, side sleeping and sun damage," she says.

Besides SiO, the best line of defense, Engelman says, is protection — daily SPF 30, antioxidant serum and keeping it covered, something that’s easier said than done in Hollywood.