Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon Joke About 'Sisters' Opening Opposite 'Star Wars': "Does It? That's a Problem"

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Courtesy of NBC

" 'Star Wars' is going to be sold out, so go see ours instead," Poehler said of the two movies, which both hit theaters on Dec. 18.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey already have tackled the fact that their upcoming comedy, Sisters, hits theaters the same day as Star Wars: The Force Awakens by pointing out that people can see both.

But on Wednesday night's Tonight Show, Poehler indicated that she wasn't done joking about Sisters' box-office competition.

When host Jimmy Fallon mentioned the video Poehler and Fey produced comparing Sisters to Star Wars, Fallon didn't even get the words "Star Wars" out  saying that the movie "comes out the same weekend as ... " — before Poehler interrupted him.

"Does it? You know what, Jimmy? That's a problem," she said, sarcastically. "We've got to get on the press wagon. We've got to get a car with a megaphone. We gotta at least get a flatbed. … A chain letter or something."

In all seriousness, though, Poehler noted you can see both movies, adding, "Star Wars is going to be sold out, so go see [Sisters] instead."

The Parks and Recreation alum invoked Star Wars again when Fallon asked her to set up a Sisters clip.

"This clip is, I think, the Tatooine moon," began Poehler, before Fallon interrupted her: "You're not in Star Wars. This is not Star Wars."

Poehler ultimately talked about the correct scene, from Sisters, but she wasn't done trying to lure Star Wars fans to Sisters. When Fallon suggested that people see Sisters multiple times because there are so many jokes that they might miss some, Poehler added, "Yeah, and we're all holding the light savers."

Fallon corrected her, saying that the Star Wars prop is called a "lightsaber," leading to a riff between the SNL alums about Life Savers that ended with Poehler saying, "All I know is, if you have fresh breath, go to Sisters."

Watch Poehler and Fallon joke about Sisters going up against Star Wars, and see the pair play a game of "Truth or Truth," in the videos below.