'Sit Down' shutdown worked out


"Sit Down, Shut Up" is back on.

The majority of the writers on the Fox animated comedy, including creator Mitch Hurwitz and exec producer/co-showrunner Josh Weinstein, have reached an agreement with producing studio Sony, ending a five-week walkout that put the future of the midseason series in jeopardy.

Two of the original writers, including exec producer/co-showrunner Bill Oakley, have declined the deal and departed the series. The returning scribes have to sign the new contracts by Friday.

Sony brass said they are "happy that the writers have agreed to return to work."

At the heart of the labor dispute was which union — WGA or IATSE — should have jurisdiction over the show, with the writers pressing for the WGA and Sony insisting that it has long-term deal with IATSE.

According to a letter sent out by the returning "Sit Down" writers, the show will still be produced under the jurisdiction of IATSE but their contacts will include WGA-comparable terms in such key areas as residuals and new media.

"This contract is a compromise — an improvement over the standard TAG terms we were initially offered but not full WGA coverage," the scribes wrote. "Compromises are never easy nor satisfying, always less comforting than a clear victory. We know that this is part of an ongoing struggle." (partialdiff)