Six films land Progress slots


MADRID -- Six Latin American unfinished films have been chosen to participate in the 11th edition of the Films in Progress program at the Cervantes Institute in Toulouse as part of the Recontres Cinemas d'Amerique Latine.

The six films, chosen from a field of 74 entries, are: Pablo Fendrik's "El Asaltante" (Argentina), Sergio Tolar Velarde's "Aurora Boreal" (Mexico), Victor Gonzalez's "El Cielo Elegido" (Argentina), Rodrigo Marin's "Las Ninas" (Chile), Marcelo Masagao's "Otevio e as letras" (Brazil) and Liliana Paolinelli's "Por Sus Propios Ojos" (Argentina).

Films in Progress is an initiative of the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the Recontres Cinemas d'Amerique that looks to help promising Latin American film projects overcome hurdles in post-production. For the first time, this year's edition will take place in two different locations and on two different dates. It will be in Toulouse March 22-23 and at the Guadalajara International Film Festival March 27-29.

The finished products will be screened at the 55th annual San Sebastian International Film Festival, which runs Sept. 25-26.

Screenings in Toulouse and Guadalajara are reserved exclusively for producers, distributors, technical industries, TV channels, festivals, organizations and companies related to the different stages of the cinematographic process who can play a decisive role in helping these projects to reach the general public.

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