Six Pics Sizzling Overseas

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

How the global box office is sweetening summer's take.

The international box office now comprises 60% of all grosses. With the studios enjoying a healthy rebound to a slow start to 2011, you don't need an advanced degree to see how the numbers might start to multiply. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides crossed the $600 million mark internationally faster than any other pic in history, and Kung Fu Panda 2 grossed a massive $48 million in China in nine days. The reason? While ticket sales are down in North America, the 3D market abroad is booming in China and Brazil (Pirates-loving countries) as well as in India and Brazil (together, the four countries form the box-office bonanza BRIC nations).

Fast Five
The action pic has grossed $366.5 million internationally -- compared with a domestic cume of $202.1 million. It was huge in Australia thanks to "revheads"; Germany was another big market.

  • U.K: $29.7M
  • Russia: $29.1M
  • Australia: $26.6M
  • Germany: $25.7M
  • Mexico: $24.1M

X-Men: First Class
The prequel, with one weekend under its belt, opened to $64 million internationally versus $56 million in North America.  The pic got off to a softish start for Fox.

  • U.K.: $9M
  • France: $7.7M
  • Mexico: $5.3M
  • Korea: $5.2M
  • Australia: $5M

The God of Thunder is just about done with his run, grossing $258 million overseas -- well ahead of the $170 million he earned domestically. Like other 3D pics, Thor did big business in such countries as Brazil and Mexico.

  • U.K.: $22.3M
  • Australia: $19.8M
  • Mexico: $19.5M
  • France: $18.4M
  • Brazil: $17.5M

Kung Fu Panda 2
Po and his pals are off to a blockbuster start in markets where 3D rules. The sequel has grossed
$125 million in its first two weeks overseas, compared with $100.5 million domestic. 

  • China: $48M
  • Korea: $24.4M
  • Russia: $24.2M
  • Singapore: $5.1M
  • Philippines: $3.1M

The Hangover Part II
The R-rated sequel has already grossed $154 million overseas -- not that far behind the $186.9 million domestic cume. Despite being shot in Thailand the pic is tanking in that Southeast Asian market.

  • U.K: $34.1M
  • Australia: 21.4M
  • Germany: $13M
  • France: $12.2M
  • Italy: $9.9M

Pirates ofthe Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
The 3D Johnny Depp tentpole has earned a massive $600.4 million in just three weeks at the international box office. Its domestic total stands at $190.3 million.

  • Russia: $49.8M
  • Japan: $44.2M
  • China: $43.6M
  • Germany: $35.2M
  • U.K.: $32M