Skip Brittenham's Graphic Novel

Hollywood's A-list dealmaker leads a double life as a closet comics nerd, a passion he tapped to co-write the futuristic morality tale "Anomaly," out in October. THR gets the first look.

In the upcoming graphic novel Anomaly, an ex-soldier from Earth becomes stranded on a distant planet filled with aliens and other dangers in the year 2717. It might be a familiar setup to sci-fi fans, but what's unusual is the book's co-author: Skip Brittenham, the legendary Hollywood deal lawyer whose clients include Harvey Weinstein, Eddie Murphy, Pixar and more. Brittenham, a lifelong comic book collector, says he decided to tackle the project at the urging of his wife, actress Heather Thomas. So he searched online and found noted comics artist Brian Haberlin (Spawn) and the two began to collaborate. "I came up with the concept and did a 60-page outline and 20 pages of backstories," says Brittenham. Haberlin then took the ideas and characters and began to visualize them. "He sends me his version of what something should look like," adds Brittenham. The result is a 370-page, action-packed morality tale that will be released in October in hardcover as well as an interactive tablet app version. And Brittenham being Brittenham, he's got a fresh business plan for his creation. He and Haberlin plan to release the book via their own publishing company, Anomaly Productions, and retain all rights, with producer client Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) developing the property as a movie before taking it to studios. Says Brittenham, "We're trying to rethink part of the publishing business."