Sky CEO Expresses Commitment to Viceland U.K.

BSkyB CEO Jeremy Darroch Headshot - P 2012
Courtesy of BSkyB

BSkyB CEO Jeremy Darroch Headshot - P 2012

The cable network is set to go off the air in Canada on March 31, but Jeremy Darroch says the pay TV giant has "no plans to change" its exclusive U.K. partnership with the channel.

With Vice Media's Viceland about to go off the air in Canada, pay TV giant Sky, which carries the network exclusively in the U.K., doesn't have any plans to pull the plug, according to CEO Jeremy Darroch.

"We work with the guys from Vice and the Viceland service in particular," the Sky boss said on his company's earnings conference call on Thursday when asked about Viceland. "We have no plans to change that."

Added Darroch: "They are a great partner. They have loads of ideas all the time, so they are always looking at ways that they can develop their service."

The Sky CEO also hinted at the weak early ratings for Viceland in the U.K. "I think it's a crowded market, and there is so much choice for customers across all the genres that it's not sometimes easy for one of these channels to get through," he said. "But we have no plans to change our position there."

Viceland U.K.'s overall peak audience reached close to 14,000 in the 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. slot in its first two weeks in late 2016. Enders Analysis analyst Tom Harrington wrote in a report back then that the network had "a lackluster" start in Britain.

Canadian cable and mobile giant Rogers Communications recently terminated a $100 million joint venture with Vice Media, with cable network Viceland going off the air in the country on March 31.