Sky Deutschland hooks up Kabel BW

Cooperation deal with the western German cable TV provider

COLOGNE, Germany -- Pay TV outlet Sky Deutschland has hooked up Kabel BW, signing a cooperation deal with the western German cable TV provider.

The deal will let Sky bundle its pay TV offerings together with Kabel BW's popular triple-play packages, which give customers a one-stop shop for telephone, cable and broadband Internet services. Kabel BW serves around 3.6 million subscribers. Sky Deutschland has about 2.5 million subscribers.

Sky has already signed similar deals with regional cabler Tele Columbus, NetCologne, Versatel Telekabel.

New CEO Brian Sullivan has made these cable hookups a core part of his strategy for expanding Sky's slim subscriber base and hitting the still-ambitious target of a break-even by year's end.

German consumers have traditionally been hesitant to pay more for premium television but they are rushing to sign up to triple-play offerings.

Sky's cable deals are also a strike at telco giant Deutsche Telekom an its IPTV service Entertain. By bundling Entertain with triple-play offerings, Telekom has built up a 1 million-plus subscriber base in just four years.
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