Sky Ferreira Responds to Sexist 'L.A. Weekly' Column, Shares Photo With Madonna

Desiree Navarro/WireImage
Sky Ferreira

"I'm not a think piece. I'm not a f—king example."

Last Friday (June 17), L.A. Weekly ran an online column about critically acclaimed alt-pop artist Sky Ferreira, which was roundly criticized throughout the media world for being sexist. The piece — which spent an unnerving amount of words describing her breasts and comparing them to Madonna’s — garnered an apology from its publisher the next day. Now, the artist herself has weighed in.

On June 19, Ferreira Instagrammed a photo of her with Madonna, along with a caption mocking the article, but acknowledging L.A. Weekly’s apology:

Then yesterday, June 20, Ferreira detailed her feelings on the article (and its implications) in a series of tweets:

But let’s move past this and on to the exciting projects Ferreira has in store. Her 2013 debut album Night Time, My Time was fantastic and she recently announced that its forthcoming follow-up (no release date specified) will be called Masochism. She will also appear in the sequel to David Lynch’s classic '90s TV thriller Twin Peaks, due next year.

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