Sky Italia Accidentally Releases New 'Twin Peaks' Episodes Early (Report)

Laura Dern, Kyle MacLachlan, David Lynch 'Twin Peaks' Premiere - H Promo 2017
Courtesy of Showtime

The new episodes could be watched online for almost six hours before they were pulled.

Italian David Lynch fans were in for a treat Sunday morning when Sky Italia accidentally released the first two episodes of the new Twin Peaks, according to Italian media reports. The episodes appeared around 6 a.m. CET on the network’s online and streaming platforms Now TV and Sky on Demand until around 11:30 a.m. CET when they were pulled.

The episodes were not scheduled to air until 3 a.m. CET Monday, simultaneously with Showtime’s official U.S. release.

Lynch has held a tight leash on details surrounding the new series. No episodes will be released in advance to critics, and fans know little about the new show, except that it takes place 25 years after the original series.

Italian fans on Twitter joked about the intense secrecy surrounding the premiere, all to be leaked early in Italy. Fans who were able to catch the show praised the new episodes and thanked Sky Italia “for messing up.”

The new season of Twin Peaks premiered Friday in Los Angeles. Anyone who caught the premiere was under strict orders not to reveal anything before the Showtime debut Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

Sky Italia made a similar mistake last year, airing the finale of MasterChef Italy on demand to some subscribers before its broadcast, leaking the winner’s name before the official announcement.

Sky Italia did not immediately return The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.