Sky News Reporter Arrested While Filming Live in China

Mark Stone and cameraman Andy Portch were held for not displaying passes as they filmed in Tiananmen Square.

Sky News correspondent Mark Stone has been detained by Chinese police while filming in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, according to The Guardian.

Stone and his cameraman, Andy Portch, were filming live on air when they were approached by a police officer Friday morning who asked them to stop filming in the square.

The pair broadcast live from the back of the police van as they were taken to a nearby station. It is not clear whether they have been formally arrested.

Stone told Sky News viewers on his way to the police station: "This is just a little insight really into the way reporting works in China. Most of the time things are fine, and for most of the day no problems at all, but then every now and then this happens.

"The police have been entirely civil with us, but they are detaining us nonetheless."

Stone added that police told the Sky News team that they were not displaying their passes correctly and that Stone was not carrying his passport, as he is required to do.

A report on the Sky News website said the pair had received permission to film in the square, where they were reporting on China's leadership transition.

A spokeswoman for Sky News said the broadcaster was attempting to get to the bottom of what happened. "We expect them to be released shortly," she added.