Sky Political Series '1992' Debuts Big in Italy

Courtesy of Berlin International Film Festival

The series even surpassed the debut of the wildly popular 'Gomorrah.'

Sky's new series 1992 premiered Tuesday to 725,000 viewers in Italy.

The series even surpassed the debut of the wildly popular Gomorrah, which debuted at 640,000 viewers. 1992's two-episode premiere garnered 670,000 viewers on average, also higher than Gomorrah.

To compare, the latest season of another political intrigue show, House of Cards, debuted on Sky Italia with 130,000 for the first episode and 118,000 for the second episode.

The show was also a big hit on social media, with more than 1 million impressions on Twitter. The hashtag #1992LaSerie became a world trending topic for the night.

The series follows six ordinary characters to tell the story of Italy's tumultuous Tangentopoli "Bribesville" period of corruption that ended in the Clean Hands operation that brought the fall of the first republic.

1992 has proven to be enormously relevant as newspapers in the country every week continue to broadcast headlines on corruption. "In Europe we were the most corrupted country last year," show creator Ludovica Rampoldi told The Hollywood Reporter. "To build a meter of tube you have to pay four times more."