'Skyfall' Helps German Video Market to a Record First Half

"Skyfall," the No. 1 film in Germany last year, also topped the sell-through and VOD charts in the first half of 2013.

German first-half revenue tops $1 billion, bucking global DVD slump.

COLOGNE, Germany -- Germany's home entertainment market continues to buck the industry's downward trend, with first-half sales hitting a new record high of just over $1 billion (€798 million).

The figure, announced by the German Association of Audiovisual Media (BVV) on Tuesday, beat the previous first-half record of €751 million, set in 2005.

Germany's strength is its buoyant sell-through market, which shot up 12.6 percent in the first half to $865 million (€650 million).

Tech-obsessed German consumers are mad for Blu-ray Discs, which enjoyed a 41 percent sales hike, earning $250 million (€188 million) in the first half in sell-through. But plain old DVDs continue to hold their own, with sales up 3 percent to $582 million (€437 million).

Physical sales continue to hold up even as electronic revenues gain ground, with electronic sell-through revenue topping $33 million (€25 million) in the first half, a 38.5 percent jump. 
Online sales have revived the slumping rental market, which saw a 9 percent jump in the first half to $196 million (€147 million) thanks to VOD and online rental services such as Amazon's LoveFilm.

Sam Mendes' James Bond entry Skyfall led both the sell-through and VOD charts in the first half, though it came second to Liam Neeson-starrer Taken 2 in physical rentals in Germany.