Skype Founders Working on Netflix Competitor (Report)

Ryan Anson/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Streaming video service Vdio is expected to launch in the U.K. first and focus on a subscription business.

NEW YORK - The founders of Skype, Joost and Kazaa are working on an online video service dubbed Vdio that could look to compete with the likes of Netflix, led by CEO Reed Hastings, technology news site GigaOm reported.

The streaming video service is currently doing a small beta test and looks to launch in the U.K. first, it said.

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Video site Joost lost momentum due to lack of popular content, but the Vdio site teases movies and TV shows from the likes of Warner Bros., AMC, Showtime Sony and Fox, GigaOm reported.

The site, which uses the slogan "Are You Watching?," recently launched a page that highlights such content as The Dark Knight and Karate Kid and TV shows like Mad Men and The Tudors, according to GigaOm. It wasn't immediately clear if the site has indeed licensed that content or was just testing how it could promote content.

U.S. visitors, after logging in via Facebook, are told that Vdio is “currently available in the U.K. only,” while U.K. residents get a message saying that Vdio is “coming soon," it added.

The team behind the Vdio site is looking to replicate the model behind their previously launched music subscription site Rdio for the video space, according to GigaOm. Rdio offers unlimited music for a monthly subscription.


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