Skype, Google call on Barablu for free mobile


Skype and Google Talk users can chat on their cell phones for free thanks to the Barablu free mobile calling platform, the companies said Tuesday at the 3GSM World Congress.

The move means Skype and Google Talk customers can call and text anyone from their contacts list without being tied to their PC.

"Skype and Google Talk are fantastic communication platforms but are limited," Barablu chief marketing officer Marcus O'Reilly said. "They can now be independent of their PCs. This is a very exciting development."

The service targets not only people with wireless phones who want to talk to one another for free but also businesses looking to cut costs by saving money when calling traditional phones and mobile numbers.

The service is available through a free download of a Barablu Web site, and the software is sent to the mobile phone via a short text message and automatically configures onto the phone in an operation that takes less than a minute.

"This is the future of telephony," O'Reilly said. "Everything is going to be wireless."