Slamdance sets its lineup


NEW YORK -- The 14th annual Slamdance Film Festival on Wednesday unveiled its lineup of narrative competition features, special presentations and the opening night film: Randall Cole's comedic drama "Real Time" starring Randy Quaid and Jay Baruchel.

The Park City, Utah, fest, long established as a renegade alternative to Sundance, includes a few other narrative features with known actors among its world premiere special screenings: Hart Bochner's romantic comedy "Just Add Water" starring Dylan Walsh, Danny DeVito,

Justin Long and Anika Noni Rose, and Daniel Schechter's coming-of-age drama "Goodbye Baby" starring Christine Evangelista, Kevin Corrigan and Alan Ruck, which was shown to distributors at ShoWest's indie film showcase this spring.

The 10 films in the Narrative Feature Competition include Tao Ruspoli's darkly comic road trip movie "Fix," Steve Clark's portrait of a Manhattan playboy, "Frost," and Paul Encinas' coming-of-age ensemble drama "Glory Boy Days."

Other films include Simon Welsford's amnesiac thriller "Jetsam," Oliver Irving's dark family comedy "How to Be," Oren Peli's supernatural thriller "Paranormal Activity" and Matthew Miller, Ezra Krybus and Sascha Drews' erotic drama "Portage."

Rounding out the narrative list are Ryan Piotrowicz's urban filmmaker drama "The Project," Tom Quinn's family drama "New Year Parade" and Candela Figueira and Maitena Muruzabal's portrait of a factory worker, "Under the Snow."

The Documentary Feature Competition, sponsored by Langley Prods. ("Cops"), includes Robyn Bliley's "Circus Rosaire," Sean Donnelly's look at singer Tiffany's alleged stalkers "I Think We're Alone Now," and Lee Kazimir's traveler profile "More Shoes."

Cynthia Lester's "My Mother's Garden," Joanna Vasquez Arong's "Neo-Lounge," Ron Davis and Stewart Halpern's "Pageant," Greg Kohs's "Song Sung Blue," Cheryl Furjanic's "Sync or Swim," John Ealer and Laura Bialis' "View From the Bridge: Stories from Kosovo" and Chris Bagley and Kim Shively's "Wesley Willis's Joyride" complete the docu competition list.

The Documentary Special Screening Features are Loren Mendell's "Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene" narrated by Don Cheadle, Kurt Kuenne's "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father," and Virginia Williams' "Frontrunner."

The three genre films in the Twilight section are Jon Knautz's "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer" starring Robert Englund, Steven Goldmann's "Trailer Park of Terror" and Jeffrey Schwarz's docu "Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story" featuring John Landis, Roger Corman, Marcel Marceau and Joe Dante.

Slamdance will be held Jan.17-25.