Sleeveless Female Anchors Earns Fox News North "Skank TV" Label

Canadians clash over the right of female anchors on the right-wing Sun News Network to bare arms, literally.

TORONTO – Now the Sun News Network is being pilloried for apparent wardrobe malfunctions among female anchors at newly-launched right-wing news network.

After National Post columnist Tasha Kheiriddin earlier in the week expressed offense over Sun News Network’s female journalists dressing like cocktail hostesses in “low cut, sleeveless” attire, Maclean’s magazine Washington, D.C. bureau chief Luiza Ch. Savage weighed in by calling the all-news network “Skank TV.”

“I am SO with @TashaKheiriddin on this, Skank TV such a turn off: Sun TV Foxy in all the wrong ways,” she Tweeted.

Savage has since retracted the controversial tweet, but not before touching off widespread debate over a 24-hour news network modeled on the U.S. Fox News Channel.

"Just yesterday Sun TV's studios was full of dry wall, today it is full of silicone,” Rick Mercer, host of the CBC’s Rick Mercer Report, tweeted a day after the network launched.

Ottawa Citizen columnist Dave Dutton chimed in, also on twitter: "26 babe shots in intro; still awaiting actual news.''

Federal politician Olivia Chow, currently campaigning ahead of a May 2 federal election, went on the Sun News Network to support the female anchors by baring her arms. After removing her jacket during a commercial break, a sleeveless Chow told the Sun News Network presenters while the cameras rolled: “We need to elect more women in politics. It’s not what they wear that matters, it’s the ideas they bring forward.”