'Smash' Star Katharine McPhee Poses for Provocative Bathtub Photo in GQ

The "American Idol" alum has some good reasons why you should watch her new NBC TV series. And not all of them are true.

On NBC's new series, SmashKatharine McPhee finally gets to show off her acting, dancing and singing skills.

But she still regrets not landing the role of the bride (she lost to Sasha Barese) on The Hangover. "I would have loved to play that part, she tells People. It was so much better than I would have ever thought it could be," she said. "It was unbelievably hysterical, and I remember in the theater I was like, 'I wish I had gotten that part!' "

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McPhee is already gaining red carpet cred for looking increasingly well put-together at events. The rising Fashion It girl showed up at the NFL Honors this week in a demure knee-length Valentino white frock with stacked bracelets and ankle strap shoes.

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And, in what must be a case of miraculous timing -- or darn good PR planning -- McPhee, whose new series just premiered last night, is already in the new issue of GQ, posing provocatively in a bathtub. And she tells the mag a few reasons why guys should tune into her new series.

1. It's not all singing and dancing. "I can understand why guys wouldn't be into Glee. You know, that's a pretty heavy musical show. That show does, like, six songs in an episode. We'll do, at most, three."

2. She may get naked. "What if I tell your readers that in episode five I take off all my clothes?" It is true?  "I mean...no." McPhee admitted. "But can't we just say that?"

Clever girl.