Smashbox Studios Opens Its Doors to YouTube Influencers

Courtesy of MPRM
Wendy's Lookbook

The 'Made at Smashbox' program will give digital media influencers access to the Culver City studio to shoot style and entertainment content.

Annie Leibovitz is known for shooting some of her iconic Vanity Fair cover photos at Smashbox Studios. Now the Culver City studio is opening its doors to a new generation of creatives. 

Smashbox Cosmetics has teamed with Collective Digital Studio to give YouTube creators and other digital influencers access to its newly renovated facility.

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The Made at Smashbox program will give YouTube's rising stars access to Smashbox camera equipment, lighting systems and greenscreens to shoot style and entertainment content at no cost. Creators who work at Smashbox will also have personal development teams, production crews, makeup artists, stylists and other professional studio services at their fingertips when they shoot at the space. 

In addition, Smashbox founder Davis Factor will host photo/video workshops alongside other top L.A. photographers and directors. Smashbox, which began as a studio in 1990 and expanded into cosmetics six years later, will also produce 100 units of a custom lip gloss for each influencer who works with the program.

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"Innovation is part of the Smashbox DNA," said Factor. "For more than 20 years, Smashbox Studios has been the go-to destination for the world’s best photographers, stylists and makeup artists. We want to continue this tradition and empower the next generation of creative influencers." 

James Chen, creative director for Wendy Nguyen's YouTube channel Wendy's Lookbook, will serve as creative director of the Made at Smashbox program, which is open to all creators regardless of YouTube network affiliation. CDS works with style creators including Weylie Hoang, Lauren Curtis and Meredith Foster.