Smashing Pumpkins' D'arcy Wretsky's Neighbor: 'Her Horses Never Bothered Anyone Here'

The bassist was arrested Tuesday on an outstanding warrant related to a 2009 wild horse incident.

A neighbor of former Smashing Pumpkins member D'arcy Wretzky doesn't understand how the musician has landed in Michigan's Berrien County Jail for the most unlikely reason -- her horses ran wild through the small town she now lives in.

Debra Beebe, who owns a 20-acre property across from Wretsky, tells The Hollywood Reporter she knows of no bothersome horse incident that could have led to the legal problems.

"She and her horses have never bothered anyone here," says Beebe. "I think this is overblown."

Beebe says there have been times that her own horses have broken free and Wretsky helped bring the horses back. "And once when hers got out we helped them."

"But there have been no wild horses incident running through the town," says Beebe. "Besides, we're in the country and not even in the town."

Wretsky is a quiet neighbor who "pretty much keeps to herself," Beebe adds.

The actual charges brought against Wretsky related to "animals running at large" after her horses broke free in 2009. Had the bassist simply shown up to court or paid fines stemming from the tickets, a warrant would not have been issued for her arrest.

However, the musician missed four consecutive court dates and fines related to the incident forcing a warrant to be issued for her arrest.