'Smurfs' Vs. 'Cowboys and Aliens': Moviegoers React to Opening Night Upset

Friday’s box office results surprised many.

In a surprise twist on Friday’s opening night box office numbers, The Smurfs beat out heavy favorite Cowboys & Aliens.

The 3D toon grossed $13.3 million, while the Jon Favreau-directed Cowboys & Aliens grossed a meek $13 million.

Maybe it was George Lopez’s stumping for The Smurfs, which he stars is in, that pushed the movie to win Friday’s opening night. Lopez continues to tweet all weekend, hoping that his film can take the opening weekend top spot. “Sarah Palin said .. If Smurfs beat Cowboys Vs Aliens, She's moving to Mexico ! Go SMURFS !!” he wrote.

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Many took to Twitter to express their surprise by the opening night results:

Robert Mancino: “Who knew the battle between Cowboys and Aliens would be won by Smurfs?”

Sam Spratt: “The Smurfs beat out Cowboys & Aliens in the box office yesterday. Let's all just take a moment of silence to reflect on that.”

Brian Huntington: “How could Smurfs make more money than Cowboys & Aliens? Parents must hate their kids.”

Carl Szabo: “Smurf power Beats Nerd power.”

Ivon Bartok: “The "Smurfs" beat "Cowboys & Aliens" at the box office? I just want to say that I officially know nothing about nothing.”

Derick Armijo: “SMURFS is beating COWBOYS & ALIENS at the box office. Marvel now clamoring to add them to AVENGERS line up.”

Aashy: “The Smurfs beat Cowboys & Aliens at the box office yesterday. Mind. Blown.”

Some were less surprised by the results:

Shane: “Wait people are surprised Smurfs is beating Cowboys and Aliens? Do people forget that kids movies make a ton of money??”

Comedian Paul Sheer also tweeted about the box office battle. “I wish it was Cowboys and Aliens vs Smurfs,” he wrote.