'The Smurfs' Writers Returning for Sequel (Exclusive)

Sony Pictures
"The Smurfs"

David Stem and David Weiss, along with Jay Scherick and David Ronn, worked on a story in the spring, with Stem and Weiss taking on scripting duties.

Sony Pictures is actually closer to Smurfs 2 than you might think.

Last week, in the wake of The Smurfs surprisingly robust $35 million opening weekend, the company set a date for the sequel — Aug. 2, 2013 — and said Jordan Kerner was returning as a producer.

Not revealed was the fact the studio had been working on a script for months and in fact has a completed draft in hand.

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Earlier this year, when the movie began taking the form of a viable franchise launcher, Sony went to its original writers to begin work on a sequel. In the spring, writing teams David Stem and David Weiss and Jay Scherick and David Ronn began work on a story. Stem and Weiss then took on scripting duties.

The early assignment was due to the large amount of lead-time required for live action/CG hybrids. Sony was willing to bet on the franchise, even though some questioned the appeal of a Smurfs movie.

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The script was handed in a couple of weeks ago, giving the studio confidence it has a template for a sequel.

Stem and Weiss, repped by WME, are well-versed in the family film field, having worked on kid-friendly projects ranging from the Rugrats TV show to Shrek 2 to Daddy Day Camp.

ICM-repped Scherick and Ronn wrote Zookeeper and National Security.

The Smurfs has grossed nearly $250 million worldwide so far.

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