Snap CEO Praises Exec That He Rescinded a Job Offer for

Evan Spiegel - Getty - H 2018
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Evan Spiegel said Kristen O'Hara "made a big impact in a really short amount of time."

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on Thursday praised longtime WarnerMedia exec Kristen O'Hara, whom he recently promoted, only to turn heads on Wall Street when two days later the job offer was rescinded. 

News of O'Hara's subsequent departure from the Snapchat parent company became public earlier this week.

"I really think Kristen is extraordinary. She made a big impact in a really short amount of time at Snap," Spiegel told the DealBook Conference in New York City during a session that was webcast.

Snapchat's parent company in July brought in O'Hara, a veteran media marketer, to lead the sales operations at the maker of the popular messaging app. That position put her in charge of the domestic sales business.

Then O'Hara was offered a promotion to become chief business officer, only for Spiegel to rescind the offer two days later. After O'Hara chose to leave the company, Snap hired instead Jeremi Gorman as chief business officer after she headed up ad sales at

"Ultimately I'm thrilled that Jeremi is joining us and she brings a wealth of experience leading the sales force," Spiegel said. "It's always really hard to make those decisions and always put the business first. When you do that, yes, it's super challenging," he added.

O'Hara's departure from Snap was only made public on Monday when Bloomberg News reported on an internal email from Spiegel to his company's business team.

Also Thursday, Spiegel was asked whether Snapchat's parent company would ever be put up for sale, after he predicted it would remain independent in five years' time.

After a long pause, Spiegel said he'd "have to talk to Bobby about that one," referring to co-founder Bobby Murphy.

"For us, we have a real belief in what we're trying to accomplish and believe it's really different from what we're seeing in the world," he added.