Snapchat Cuts 15 Jobs in Shift Away From Local Stories

Snapchat_Sad_Ghost - H 2015

Snapchat_Sad_Ghost - H 2015

Snapchat had been programming 24/7 stories for large cities like New York and Los Angeles based on user-submitted videos and photos.

Snapchat is doing away with its daily local stories feature and is laying off the 15-person team that worked to program the 24/7, city-based feeds, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. 

The photo-sharing app had been programming feeds for a handful of cities around the world — including Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London — that were constantly updated with user-generated photos and videos. But the Venice-based company, which has 150 million daily active users, has done away with those "always on" feeds in favor of occasional city-based stories that pop up when there's a particular event happening there. Snapchat will continue to program live stories tied to holidays and other major events. 

"A small number of Local Story curator positions were eliminated in our Los Angeles and New York offices, as the result of changes to our Local Story Coverage," Snapchat said Wednesday in a statement. "We're thankful for the contributions from these team members."

Stories is one of Snapchat's content plays, alongside its Discover feature where media and entertainment companies like ESPN and BuzzFeed program channels that refresh after 24 hours. In a recent redesign, Snapchat combined its live stories and Discover channels into one window of the app. 

Five-year-old Snapchat has shut down other high-profile features in the past. The company shut down its nine-month-old Snap Channel last year and laid off several employees who oversaw programming and original content for the channel. 

Bloomberg first reported about Wednesday's layoffs.