Snapchat Lays Off Two Dozen, Relocates Content Team

Courtesy of Snapchat

The company has moved some of its content team members from New York to Los Angeles following the appointment of several top executives late last year.

Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. has laid off around two dozen employees, including some on its content team, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. 

The layoffs are said to affect 22 people across eight teams within the Los Angeles-based company. Some of the people let go were members of the content team, which oversees curated feeds of user-generated Snaps called Our Stories as well as publisher-led Discover channels. 

The content layoffs come as Snapchat looks to consolidate much of its content team in Los Angeles, where vp content Nick Bell is based. Late last year, Bell brought in News Corp. veteran Rahul Chopra to oversee a new product called Stories Everywhere and former MiTu product chief Mike Su to lead all product development related to its content initiatives.

As part of the new hires, Bell reorganized the duties of many of his top management team. He is relocating several New York-based content team members to Los Angeles as part of that shuffle. Although some employees were let go during the process, Bell is expected to continue hiring, especially as Snapchat explores a push into original programming. 

The latest round of layoffs comes after Snap reduced the size of its Spectacles team and cut nearly 20 positions from its recruiting team as part of plans to slow hiring in 2018. Snap, which went public last spring, has struggled to grow its user base at the same clip as in its early years. The company reported 178 million daily active users in November. It lost nearly $179 million during the third quarter of 2017. 

CEO Evan Spiegel announced late last year that the company is planning a redesign to help widen its base. The design, expected to be released to U.S. users early this year, will separate publisher-produced content from user-generated content in an effort to streamline its functionality. 

The Information and Cheddar first reported news of the layoffs.