Snapchat Plans Show to Spotlight Top Creator Posts

The Best Snaps Show
Snap, Inc.

'The Best Snaps Show,' hosted by Salice Rose and Brent Rivera, will showcase posts from Spotlight and Snap Maps.

Snapchat wants to shine a light on some of its best user-generated posts.

The mobile app is launching a new original series to showcase content from its Spotlight and Snap Map public features. The Best Snaps Show drops on Snapchat's Discover platform March 14 and will run for eight episodes, with new episodes dropping weekly.

Creators Salice Rose and Brent Rivera are hosting the show, which is produced by Portal A.

"We're leveraging content made from everyday Snapchatters to make the show," says Snap head of talent partnerships Jim Shepherd, explaining that it allows people to "see this fun, authentic side of our global community."

Snapchat launched Spotlight in November to give users on its platform a more public forum to showcase their snaps. The TikTok-like feature has taken off. Snapchat said in February that Spotlight has more than 100 million monthly active users. The 3-year-old Snap Maps feature, which allows users to see public posts by location, has over 250 million users per month.

With 175,000 daily video submissions for Spotlight alone, it would be impossible for users to see everything. The Best Snaps Show curates what Snapchat is describing as some of the funniest, most inventive and trendsetting snaps.

"There's so many talented, funny, clever people all over the world and having the opportunity to showcase talent was something I couldn't turn down," Rose, who has built her own following on Snapchat, says of signing on to host the show. She says her favorite public snaps are music related, and that they've inspired her "to start sharing more of my talents in that area."

To incentivize users to post to Spotlight, Snapchat has been giving away $1 million per day to the people who create the most popular posts. A Snap representative says that viewing featured snaps as part of The Best Snaps Show won't have a bearing on viewership in Spotlight. To ensure that Spotlight payouts remain fair, The Best Snaps Show won't include identifiers for the snaps it features and will only highlight snaps that are at least a week old, meaning they've already had the opportunity to earn money through Spotlight.

Shepherd says he hopes the show provides inspiration for Snapchatters in the creation of their own posts: "Viewers of the show are going to be able to see trends start to emerge and that could potentially help give them creative ideas about what they could make on Spotlight or Stories or anywhere else on the app."