Snapchat Renews 'Phone Swap' as TV Adaptation Is Eyed

Phone Swap Still - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Vertical Networks

The dating series, which is averaging 11 million viewers, will return for a second season with Snapchat.

Snapchat is bringing back Phone Swap for a second season. 

The dating series has been renewed two months after its premiere on the app. The show's first five episodes have averaged 11 million viewers and reached a peak audience of 14 million. It concludes its first season on Friday, July 7. 

Phone Swap, in which two strangers exchange phones before deciding whether to go on a date, was the first Snapchat series produced by Elisabeth Murdoch's Vertical Networks. The company, which has offices in Venice not far from the headquarters of Snapchat's parent company, also operates the male-oriented Discover channel Brother. Since the premiere of Phone Swap, Snapchat has greenlit two additional Vertical projects, Yes Theory and Without Limits, that are expected to debut later this summer. 

Snapchat and Vertical will search out brands to advertise on the new season of Phone Swap, which like all of Snapchat's original series is distributed via the Discover publishing platform. 

Meanwhile, Vertical is planning to develop Phone Swap for television. The company has teamed with veteran reality television producer Robin Ashbrook (MasterChef, MasterChef Junior) to adapt the series for a television format. 

"We've been delighted with the reaction to Phone Swap," Vertical Networks CEO Tom Wright said. "We believe that the format has real potential to travel to other platforms, and having a partner with Robin Ashbrook's huge experience on board will give us the best chance of achieving this. This has been a great start in our ambition to create original IP based on our deep insights into the mobile-first audience, and we are excited to see how our upcoming shows develop." 

Phone Swap is part of a growing slate of originals developed for Snapchat. The app streams in-house produced politics show Good Luck America, and has also ordered relationship-focused Hungry Hearts With Action Bronson and Second Chance. In addition, the company has partnered with TV networks for Snapchat companion series to popular franchises such as The Voice and The Bachelor