Sneak Peek: The Cover to Sophia Loren's Memoir

Getty Images

The Oscar-winning Italian star's memoir "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" will be published in Dec.

Sophia Loren’s new memoir has a cover, and it's a classic vintage shot of the sultry Italian star.

Publisher Atria books released the cover for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Life as a Fairy Tale, which will be published in Dec.

The 79-year-old Loren won an Academy Award for best actress for 1960’s Two Women and a lifetime achievement Oscar in 1991.

Atria publisher Judith Curr said the memoir offers “fans a glimpse of the woman who has left her mark on an era — from the challenges of growing up poor and hungry in wartime Italy to the flowering of her career and the joys of being a mother and grandmother.”

Each chapter of the book will open with a different memento — a sketch she made of Carlo Ponti, a letter from Cary Grant, portraits given to her by her grandchildren — to illuminate a part of her life story.

See the a large version of the cover below.