SNEAK PEEK: Two Universes Collide in 'Fringe's' 'Entrada'

In the last Fringe episode, [spoiler alert!] Peter (Joshua Jackson) finally finds out the Olivia (Anna Torv) he has been dating isn't really his.

The movie trailer for Thursday's "Entrada" takes advantage of the sudden gravity of the situation Peter finds himself (and everyone close to him) in.

"Her name is Olivia. She has a message for you. She's trapped in the other universe," the frantic lady says through the phone to Peter. When he rolls over in bed, he sees Fauxlivia. Eerie.

It teases to what is sure to be a tense Peter and Fauxlivia war of words. "Are you going to kill me?," she asks. "No, I'm going to get answers. And if I find out you've done anything to Olivia? Then I'm going to kill you," Peter answers.

The trailer reads like a thriller ready to take on the big screen.

Tune in Thursday at 9 p.m. on Fox to watch what happens. "Which side are you on?"