'SNL,' '30 Rock' unplugged this weekend


CORRECTED 8:18 a.m. PT Nov. 16, 2007


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NEW YORK -- Two New York-based shows, "30 Rock" and "Saturday Night Live," will get one-time-only performances this weekend in Manhattan.

The casts of both shows will perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on West 26th Street, with "Saturday Night Live" performing a show at 11:30 p.m. Saturday and "30 Rock" going on at 8 p.m. Monday. "Superbad" and "Arrested Development" star Michael Cera will be the guest host of "SNL," and the musical guest is Hoboken, N.J., alternative rockers Yo La Tengo.

"SNL" cast member Amy Poehler said in a statement late Thursday that the theater is a "second home" to many of the performers and writers.

"We are doing this to raise spirits, raise awareness and raise money for our hardworking production crews who will be having a hard holiday season if this strike continues," Poehler said.

Both shows' productions have stopped since the writers strike. At least two stars of the shows, "30 Rock" multihyphenate Tina Fey and "SNL" co-star Seth Meyers, have been fixtures on the picket line.

Tickets for both shows sold out almost instantly, with a few apparently available at the door Monday.

Proceeds from the shows will benefit the production staff of the shows, which have stopped production.

"It's really fabulous," a WGA East spokeswoman said. "We're really excited."