Former 'SNL' Actress Victoria Jackson Calls for 'White History Month,' Later Deletes Article

Victoria Jackson 2001 - P 2013
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Victoria Jackson 2001 - P 2013

The former comedienne, now known for her outspoken Christian-conservative views, called for people to "save our country from the God-hating communists like Alec Baldwin and Obama."

Victoria Jackson, a vocal opponent of gays, Glee, immigrants, President Barack Obama and Occupy Wall Street, has people seeing red over her most recent missive regarding race in America.

Once a featured actress on Saturday Night Live, Jackson has morphed into a leading light of the far-right blogosphere, with her columns on conservative websites and a recently launched web talk show. In a column posted to her personal site Thursday night, Jackson laments America's celebration of Black History Month and the nation's changing racial complexion.

"I’m just really tired of the white male, and especially the white conservative Christian male, being attacked in cartoons, movies, TV shows, politics, Affirmative Action, etc." she wrote in the essay.

She continued, extolling the virtues of Caucasian males, whom she credits for all good things in America.

"Just for the record, white men invented rockets, space travel, airplanes, the automobile, the English language, the U.S.A., most medical advances, electricity, television, telescope, microscope, Ivy League Universities, the computer, the Internet, and on and on. I think white men should be praised and respected. White Christian Conservative Men especially, should be loved and adored. They were the backbone and originators of the greatest nation on earth. We need more of them now."

Quoting Alec Baldwin, who said Obama's victory signaled the "end of white, middle-aged Christian dominance," Jackson proposed that all of America's ills -- from drugs to "disappearing freedom" -- could be linked to that shift.

The polemic called for a rising up of Christian women and children to praise white men, and then to 'save our country from the God-hating communists like Alec Baldwin and Obama."

After the political blog Wonkette posted the essay, calling it "a big pile of shitmouth," Jackson took the story down, though it's still available on cache.

This is nothing new for Jackson; in 2011, she made waves by bashing Glee and alleging that it was part of a bigger gay agenda and mocked Christians. Later that year, she heckled Occupy Wall Street in a dicey video that was passed around the web. In November, she lamented Obama's re-election, saying, "America is dead."