'SNL' at 40: Sarah Silverman Reveals Why She Wore Pigtails for 20 Years

Former fellow writer Carol Leifer chimes in that her season was the "weird year" and recalls her first, very brief meeting with Lorne Michaels.

Former Saturday Night Live writers Carol Leifer and Sarah Silverman both had short tenures on the late-night sketch-comedy show, but they still have lots of memories from their time on the show. In a sit-down interview for The Hollywood Reporter's SNL reunion issue, Leifer and Silverman share tales about the year they each spent in writer's room.   

Leifer calls the 1985-86 season, which she wrote for, the "weird year." It was also the sole year of Robert Downey Jr.'s short-lived SNL run, and it was the year the Lorne Michaels returned to the show after a five-season hiatus. 

Leifer remembers her first meeting with Lorne lasting about one minute. "He asked me, 'You know it is very late nights?' And I was like, yeah. 'And you have to sleep over on Tuesday nights.' I was like, yeah. And then that was it."

Silverman recalls that the SNL higher-ups were in Los Angeles filming the Coneheads movie when she got a meeting. "I wore my hair it two ponytails like Gilda Radner, but I took to it and kept it for about 20 years." Silverman was later invited to the Coneheads premiere, which is where she found out she got hired on to the show for the 1993-94 season.