'SNL': Bill Hader on Why Justin Timberlake Trumps Justin Bieber as Host (Video)

Bill Hader

The actor is featured in the Apatow-produced SuperbadKnocked Up, Pineapple Express and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The recently retired castmember tells Howard Stern what the backstage vibe was like the weeks two of season 38's most memorable guests stopped by.

Bill Hader said farewell to Saturday Night Live last week and took time Wednesday to share a few memorable moments from his final season as a castmember.

Speaking to Howard Stern, Hader contrasted the backstage styles of two of the season’s guest hosts, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake, noting one was noticeably more flashy than the other.

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On Timberlake, Hader said “he’s great” and “a real class act.”

“Also, the guy doesn’t show up with anybody. It’s just him,” Hader said.

In contrast, Hader said Bieber came to the SNL studio with quite the entourage.

“Justin Bieber showed up with like 20 guys,” Hader said. “He had a guy holding a slice of pizza. A guy holding a diet coke. Going around stage, you're trying to fight through all these people to get dressed.”

Hader's final episode, hosted by Ben Affleck, featured a fond goodbye to his most famous character, Stefon, as well as a rock-inspired musical farewell for Hader himself.

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Watch highlights from Timberlake’s episode here and Bieber’s turn as host here.