Former 'SNL' Cast Member Colin Quinn Slams Will Ferrell on Twitter

Colin Quinn Will Ferrell Split - H 2011
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Colin Quinn Will Ferrell Split - H 2011

The actor — known for his satirical comments — says his former NBC co-star "was into a lot of bad drug stuff" and stole the concept for "Anchorman."

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Colin Quinn went on a Twitter rant about his former co-star, Will Ferrell. Quinn, whose Twitter is saturated with controversial, sarcastic remarks about everything from Muammar Gaddafi’s death (“Let me tell you something, Khaddafi is not the terrorist. We're the terrorist!”) to Star Trek (“Star trek was soap opera acting in tight shirts.”), will then retweet the angry comments that he gets from his followers about his tweets.

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Even if the actor is using his Twitter as an outlet for his comedy routines, he has rarely gone after another actor, let alone a colleague from Saturday Night Live. That changed on Tuesday when he targeted Ferrell in a tirade of comments.

Ferrell recently received the Mark Twain Award for Comedy, and it seems that Quinn was not a fan of that.

“Anybody see Will Ferrell at Mark Twain awards last night? Great for him I guess,” Quinn wrote.

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“No,I'm happy for Will....we never really got along at SNL because he took so many of my ideas, but..,” he continued.

Then, Quinn escalated his comments by writing, “Will was into a lot of bad drug stuff and I don't know if he still is. Actually, not true I happen to know he still is very much so.”

Quinn then goes on to target Lorne Michaels, the creator and producer of SNL.

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“The years I was at SNL Lorne was really kind of messed up over various things and I was the shot caller. And that's real,” he wrote.

A couple hours later, Quinn seemed to apologize for his remarks, but at the same time, threw in another zinger.

“Feel bad about the Will Ferrell comments. I'll never mention him again if he pays me my residuals for the WHOLE ANCHORMAN CONCEPT!” he wrote.

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Ferrell and Adam McKay wrote the 2004 comedy, which McKay directed and Ferrell starred in.

It’s unclear what Quinn’s agenda may be if his tirade is just a satire. Over the summer, Quinn was starring in a Broadway production, Long Story Short, directed by Jerry Seinfeld. In July, it was reported that he would be writing his first book, a humorous look at history and pop culture called Yesterday’s News.