'SNL': Leslie Jones Fights Back Against Winter Storm Jonas

Leslie Jones SNL promo Jan 23
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Jones rages at the storm in a new promo, promising that the show will go on live as planned.

Winter storm Jonas might have half of the East Coast stranded, but it won't stop Saturday Night Live

In a new promo, SNL's Leslie Jones ensures that the show will go on, raging against the storm: "We're still going live at 11:30! You think a storm named Jonas is going to stop a girl named Leslie? No!" 

The storm has already suspended East Coast travel plans and shut down Broadway, but Jones guarantees it won't affect the long-running NBC sketch show. "You hear that Jonas?" she yells into the storm. "Is that all you got?" 

UFC fighter Ronda Rousey hosts SNL this week with musical guest Selena Gomez.