After 'SNL': Lindsay Lohan Needs a Makeunder To Make Her Big Comeback (Poll)


THR offers some advice to the starlet to help her regain her healthy, youthful look.

Much has already been written about Lindsay Lohan's appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Some critics called it a flop. Others gave her mixed reviews. And some gave her a passing grade, based in part on the quality of the material she was given. Many noticed that she was relegated to secondary characters and making faces in the background.

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But there's no question that her guest hosting gig -- her first since 2006 -- snagged the show's highest ratings of the season. And she didn't not show up or screw up, which given some of her past behavior is no small achievement.

Still, viewers were tweeting madly this weekend about Lohan's puffy lips, "Cabbage Patch Doll"-eque swollen face and bleached-blonde hair extensions that made her look more like Victoria Gotti than a 25-year-old starlet. As concerned fans, THR would like to offer some friendly suggestions to Lindsay:

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1. Get rid of that long, blonde, strawlike hair. You are a beautiful young woman, and your own glossy, natural auburn color is loveably unique. So make peace with it.

2. Stop trying to dress mature in the hopes of appearing to be more mature. These Real Housewives get-ups you've been wearing look too matronly. Embrace your youth. Dress young and classy. Watch Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis. Your youth won't last much longer and you'll miss it when it's gone.

3. Hire a good stylist and listen to them. Try Elizabeth Olsen and Kate Bosworth's main gal, Cher Coulter. She could help reinvent your look in less than one season and get you back up there on the It Girl list. Kristen Stewart's go-to gal Tara Swennen would be a great choice as well. With time, a great stylist and good behavior, you might even snag a cosmetics or handbag brand ambassador gig.

4. Lighten up on the makeup (all of it) -- eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, foundation. You don't need it. And we'd kill to see a few of your adorable freckles again.

5. Don't trust anyone who tells you to wear a vertical striped top, a waist cinching belt, hot pants and fishnet stockings, even for that '50s retro bad girls SNL skit. A poodle skirt would have been more flattering. You're better than hot pants and fishnets.

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Tell us: What advice would you give to Lindsay about getting her fabulous look back?

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