'SNL' Mocks Touchy-Feely TSA Agents

"It's our business to touch yours," says Kenan Thompson.

Saturday Night Live couldn't help mocking TSA agents -- and their new, intrusive full-body searches -- over the weekend.

In a spoof commercial modeled after a phone sex line ad, Kristen Wiig asks, "Feeling lonely this season?"

"TSA agents are ready and standing by to give you a little extra to feel thankful for this holiday season," says Bill Hader. Snapping a rubber glove, Bobby Moynihan adds, "What are you waiting for? I want to check under your testicles."

Says Kenan Thompson, "It's our business to touch yours."

Anne Hathaway hosted for a second time to promote her Jake Gyllenhaal co-starrer, Love and Other Drugs.