'SNL' Quarantine Sketch "Let Kids Drink" Prompts Debate on Social Media

Let Kids Drink SNL Sketch - Publicity - H 2020

The parody PSA introduced a "special rule" at home timed to Mother's Day and coronavirus social distancing measures.

A Saturday Night Live sketch called "Let Kids Drink" prompted a minor controversy on social media on Saturday night, with some saying the parody went too far while others defended it as a joke.

The bit, which took the form of a musical public service announcement, introduced a "special rule" at home timed to Mother's Day and the coronavirus quarantine, when "it's been a hard-ass time for families," castmember Beck Bennett sang in one lyric. "Let kids drink / just like mom and dad / if they got a little buzz on, would it really be that bad?" castmembers sang as a refrain. "Just a couple sips / they'll be happier and funnier / and they'll fall asleep by six," another lyric went.

As castmembers sang, meanwhile, images of kids gulping down liquids in wine and beer bottles played across the screen. The parody recommend "just one drink" and "two if they're good," while one frame noted that Child Services could not be reached for comment. Another frame showed multiple kids singing "let us drink," while Josh Gad sang one lyric as his Frozen character Olaf: "Disney said it's fine," he crooned. (Disney did not approve the message and "multiple lawsuits" were pending, text noted onscreen.)

Some on social media didn't find the clip funny. "I'm all for pushing the comedic envelope but I think tonight's skit on SNL 'Let Kids Drink' is a little uncalled for and inappropriate even for SNL," one Twitter user said. "Seriously?? Let Kids Drink [thumbs down emoji]. Wrong Message for Kids," another wrote. "'Let kids drink' literally anyone that's been in an abusive relationship with alcohol as the cause," one user tweeted next to a screenshot of a quiz called "Are you dumb?" 

Others took to Twitter to defend the sketch. "There are two types of people in the world. The ones who think Let Kids Drink was freaking hysterical and the ones that have no sense of humor," one user said. "The reason why this is a parody is because it’s actually a BAD idea to 'let kids drink.' See, if it was actually a good idea to allow your child to have a White Claw, it just wouldn’t have been a thing," another user replied to a naysayer.

Watch the full sketch, below.