'SNL' Recap: Ryan Gosling Laughs During Sketches, Sings With Mike Myers

Ryan Gosling SNL H 2015
Dana Edelson/NBC

Ryan Gosling SNL H 2015

Gosling had a hard time keeping in his giggles as he hosted the show for the first time and played multiple flirty characters.

Ryan Gosling broke out into a series of laughs as host of Saturday Night Live's latest episode, which kicked into high holiday gear.

During a sketch on extraterrestrials, Gosling is shown holding in laughter while Kate McKinnon's character demonstrates on Cecily Strong how aliens lined up to "gently batting her knockers" during her abduction.

The laughter proves contagious as the rest of the castmembers (including Bobby Moynihan) try to keep from laughing as well. 

Gosling continued to have a case of the giggles in a later sketch where Strong plays a writer for GQ who interviews the actor in a bar, only to be interrupted and embarrassed by Gosling's childhood friend (Kyle Mooney).

The camera focuses in on Gosling as he tries to keep a straight face after Mooney jokes about Gosling taking dance classes as a child where he would "parade around in parachute pants." Gosling later shows off his dancing and singing talent as he breaks into song at the bar. 

Gosling also showed off his triple-threat talents in the opening monologue when he was called out by an audience member (Cecily Strong) for being Canadian, only to be suddenly joined onstage by Mike Myers in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey for a duet in an ode to Canada, complete with tap dancing.

When Gosling asked Myers where he came from, Myers responded “I live backstage.”

Naughty and nice became a theme of the show, with The Big Short actor upping the hot factor in sketches including a teenage girl sleepover where he bared his chest as a “Dad crush."

Gosling's father character impresses one of the girls (Aidy Bryant) who later licks frosting off of Gosling's finger

Gosling’s flirting continued in full force as he portrayed one of three elves who tries to persuade Santa Claus into naughty behavior.

The Gosling sketches were interspersed with live performances by Leon Bridges who performed "River."

Chris Hemsworth is set to host SNL next week with musical guest Chance the Rapper.