'SNL' Spoofs Trump, Candidates in GOP Debate Sketch

Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump on 'SNL'

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey returned to co-host the Dec. 19 episode where they reprised their impressions of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, respectively.

Minutes after Saturday’s Democratic debate ended, viewers found themselves tuning in once again to Tuesday’s GOP debate on Saturday Night Live.

SNL alum Darrell Hammond returned to Studio 8H to play Donald Trump as the nine candidates resumed their spot at the podiums before CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer (Jon Rudnitsky) for the sketch.

“The results are in and everybody lost,” he says, only introducing the five “who actually have a chance”: Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and “poor, sweet Jeb Bush.” Adding, “The rest of you just wave so your parents know you’re here.”

Taking center stage, Hammond rattles off insults as Trump, saying things like “Debates are stupid” and “Wolf Blitzer looks like Papa Smurf.”

Targeting his rival, Trump calls Bush (Beck Bennett) a lightweight and tells everyone that Jeb’s name is actually Jebra. “Hey Jebra, losers say what?” he says. “Hey Jebra, shut your piehole.”

Jay Pharoah continues his monotone Carson as he calmly threatens, “I might go HAM up in here right now” and Cecily Strong pipes in as Carly Fiorina to talk about how she sold Russian President Vladimir Putin an HP printer.

Politics remain on the SNL docket when, following the opening monologue from co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Kate McKinnon brings back her Hillary Clinton impression for a dream-sequence sketch that delivers her visits from not one, but two ghosts of SNL past — Poehler's Hillary and Fey's Sarah Palin.

“You changed your hair!” exclaims Poehler’s 2008 Hillary, who is there to remind her future self not to get too cocky, because she lost to President Obama. But when McKinnon’s Hillary says that Donald Trump is her competition, Poehler falls down on the floor before exclaiming: “Oh, my God, we’re going to be president!"

The episode also gave Star Wars fans something to look forward to. NBC announced that The Force Awakens' Adam Driver will host SNL when it returns on Jan. 16. Details of the episode's musical guest have not been revealed.