'SNL' Stars Surprise at Marissa Mayer's Yahoo! CES Presentation (Video)

Cecily Strong - P 2013
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Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson brought tech-centered jokes to the Las Vegas event.

Saturday Night Live hit Las Vegas on Wednesday, just in time for Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's hourlong CES presentation.

Weekend Update co-anchor Cecily Strong rattled off a few minutes of tech-centered jokes, while Kenan Thompson brought his impersonation of Rev. Al Sharpton to CES.

"It was announced that the popular meme grumpy cat is being developed into a feature film," Strong said. "The frontrunner to play the constantly scowling cat? You guessed it: Kristen Stewart."

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She then welcomed Thompson (as Sharpton) to share his thoughts on technology.

"Thank you Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yoo-hoo, for having me," Thompson said. "Who would have thought that a small chocolate milk company like Yoo-hoo could turn into one of the world's biggest tech giants? It's amazing."

He lamented that he's being trying to get people to listen to him for 30 years, but can't twerk or do other things that get attention online these days.

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"Maybe I should have danced around, talking nonsense, while dressed up as a fox."

He added that he recently lost weight using an app. No, not a fitness app, but rather the much mocked Apple Maps. (That drew laughs from the audience.)

"I got lost and wandered around the wilderness for days. I almost starved to death."

Watch the video below.