'SNL': Vanessa Bayer Shows Off Her 'Friends' Impression

Vanessa Bayer as Rachel Friends on SNL - H 2016
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Bayer appeared as Rachel on "Weekend Update" to hype the upcoming 'Friends' reunion during NBC's special.

Vanessa Bayer brought out her spot-on Rachel impression this weekend. 

In order to hype NBC's Friends mini-reunion special coming soon, Saturday Night Live welcomed the show's beloved character Rachel Green to the "Weekend Update" news desk. 

Bayer, as Rachel, talked to host Colin Jost about how excited she was to see the whole gang back together again. "I'm seeing them tonight, Phoebes is playing a show at Central Perk and then we're all going to jump in the fountain with umbrellas," she told him. 

After a cut to the exterior of the Friends apartment building, they returned to the news desk. "I'm sorry, what just happened?" Jost asked.

"That happens to me every few minutes," said Rachel. "It's weird," before pointing to co-host Michael Che and asking, "What's that?"

"She's on Friends," Che explained, "she's never seen a black person, Colin." 

Jost also called out the way Rachel talks, "Is it me, or do you always sound surprised at everything?" 


Bayer first tried out her Friends impression when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last summer, telling the late-night host that she works on new impressions during SNL's off-season.

"I think that everyone really likes those characters, but they're actually a very exclusive clique," she said. "Because if someone from the outside tries to hang out with them, they make that person very uncomfortable." 

The comic actress acted out a scene with Kimmel as Rachel and then Monica. Watch the video below.