'SNL': Viewers Seeing Double When Bernie Sanders Drops by as Larry David Hosts

Sanders SNL - H 2016
'Saturday Night Live'

The two met on a boat and discussed "Democratic socialism."

Bernie Sanders dropped by Saturday Night Live on the same evening Larry David, who does a fan favorite impression of the Democratic presidential candidate, was hosting. 

What resulted was a period of cheers and applause during a skit set on a sinking boat. 

David was playing a character who was trying to get off the doomed boat before the women and children. When he was denied, the character said he was rich and therefore better than the other passengers. 

Enter Sanders. 

Playing another passenger, Sanders went off: "I am so sick of the one percent getting the preferential treatment. We need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this." 

David's character responded, "Sounds like socialism to me." To which Sanders said, "Democratic socialism." 

"What's the difference?" David asked. "Huge difference," Sanders replied, but said "huge" in the same fashion as GOP candidate Donald Trump. 

Sanders was on screen for about a minute. 

David broke out his Bernie Sanders impersonation during the “Bern Your Enthusiasm” sketch which served as a parody of David’s HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm. The sketch depicted Sander's political struggles, showing Sanders refusing to shake the hand of a black woman after she coughed in it. Later on, Sanders learns the people he ignored cost him key votes that could have helped him defeat Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucus.