'Jersey Shore' Star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Hit With $7 Million Lawsuit

Ian Spanier/MTV

The reality TV personality is being counter sued by a licensing company she claimed did not live up to its obligations for merchandising.

Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is being sued for $7 million by a company she hired to contract and launch merchandising partnerships.

SRG Ventures alleges that Polizzi sabotaged her branding opportunities by negotiating with other companies behind its back and failing to move forward with merchandising it had set up, such as school supplies, watches, and lingerie, reports the New York Post.

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SRG's legal maneuver is a counterclaim against a lawsuit Polizzi filed in October in an attempt to get out of the licensing deal that would have put her name on everything from denim to lingerie.

Polizzi's lawsuit is just one of the many lawsuits involving Jersey Shore stars of late.

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In November, Mike Sorrentino sued Abercrombie & Fitch for $4 million for allegedly using his trademarked catchphrases such as "GTL," as well as profiting from a publicity stunt in which the company said it would pay him not to wear its clothing.

Sorrentino also has battled his father and a former manager, and been sued by Dilligaf, a clothing retailer that says Sorrentino failed to promote its products.

Jenni Farley, aka JWoww, was sued by a tanning lotion company, claiming it allegedly helped her create a branded potion. Farley also was targeted by her ex-boyfriend/manager, who claims to have helped her score promotional deals. One of Farley's efforts was Filthy Couture, a clothing line that was shut down after a threatened trademark lawsuit.

Additional reporting by Eriq Gardner.