Snooki Quits Wrestling

Marcel Thomas/Getty Images

"I'm pretty busy with 'Jersey Shore,'" says the reality star, who appeared on WWE Wrestlemania XXVII Sunday.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's wrestling days are probably over.

Even though she admits appearing on WWE Wrestlemania Monday "was awesome" and "fun," she tells she likely won't continue to throw down.

"I'm pretty busy with Jersey Shore, so I doubt it," she says. The fourth season will be taped in Italy.

A record 71,617 people showed up at the Georgia Dome to watch her on WWE's Wrestlemania XXVII Sunday night, according to announcer Justin Roberts.

She first appeared on WWE two weeks ago.

Snooki has come under fire lately for receiving $2,000 more than Pulitzer Prize-winning Toni  Morrison to speak at Rutgers University. Said Morrison: "I don't know her... and I don't care."