Snoop Dogg Criticizes "Racist" Schwarzenegger for Freeing Inmate Over Political Favor

Allen Berezovsky/WireImage
Snoop Dogg

"I can't wait to catch you, ... I'm going to confront you," the rapper says about the former governor.

In a series of videos posted to social media late Monday night, an irate Snoop Dogg called former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger a "racist piece of shit" after the latter commuted the sentence of a political ally's son, released last Friday. 

One of Schwarzenegger's last acts as governor was reducing Esteban Nunez's 16-year sentence for manslaughter to seven years. Nunez is the son of former speaker of the State Assembly, Fabian Nunez, a political ally and friend of the then governor. 

In one of the three videos posted to Instagram — all laced with profanity — Snoop demanded to know why Schwarzenegger would be OK with allowing Nunezz to get out of prison early but refused to stay the execution of gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams. 

Williams died of lethal injection in 2005 despite campaigns to urge Schwarzenegger to grant clemency. 

Nunez ended up serving less than six years in prison, receiving credit for good behavior, The Associated Press reported. 

“Our son has paid his debt to society. He is committed to continuing the work of healing, self-reflection and spiritual growth,” the Nunez family said in a statement released Friday, as quoted by the AP. 

At the time of his decision, Schwarzenegger said the 16-year sentence was excessive, but acknowledged Fabian Nunez was a friend and he was helping him, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Snoop says the situation is unacceptable.

"I can't wait to catch you, ... I'm going to confront you," Snoop said. "I hope he running with [Donald] Trump so we can knock both of you ... off at the same time." 

A request for comment from Schwarzenegger was not immediately returned. 


Fuck you Arnold what a friend. U are

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